Some Overview of the Future Workplace


Overview the Future Workplace

Example above are some overviews by picture to show us what is like the workplace in 2030. We can see at the picture that the workplace in 2030 should be there are some rest room for the workers.

Workplace Goal

Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) estimates that future workplaces will no longer be the same as conventional workplaces that exist today.

This is due to the development of technology and has begun to be seen with the growth of co-working space, where to work no longer require a large office, but can anywhere supported by the completeness of facilities and supporting technology facilities are qualified.

With emerging technology trends, JLL sees businesses that change the real estate world, including the growing co-working space that supports entrepreneurs and corporations.

Colorful Workplace
The Colourful Workplaces Conference in Nairobi will bring together the corporate sector, organisations representing employers, employees and civil society initiatives.
As part of a larger sustainable program, the Conference will allow these actors to share and discuss good practices as well as specific challenges in relation to diversity and inclusion at the workplace in Kenya.
Vintage Workplace

If you have vintage style (no matter the decade you adore) the question has inevitably arisen: can I, should I, wear vintage style to work? For some the question is easily solved by a creative or inclusive workplace where vintage style isn’t a problem, or better yet perhaps you are self employed and don’t have to worry about such things!

For the rest of us, of the corporate, retail, service, uniformed or what-have-you verity, the quandary of how to incorporate vintage style into one’s work-wear becomes more difficult!

Enjoyable Workplace

Should the workplace be fun?

There are some who believe the workplace is purely a place of work and you’re there to do your job and not a lot more. For others the workplace is much more than that. Sure, your primary reason for being there is to do the job, but is having fun while you’re at it a bad thing?

Believe it or not, promoting fun at work can actually have a positive impact on productivity and engagement. A study by  BrightHR found that employees who have fun at work are less likely to take sick days and more likely to report feeling creative at work and committed to their organization

Elegant Workplace

A company beautiful workplace with an elegant look, definitely make the employees who work the place to be comfortable and want to linger.

not only that, the elegant workplace provides comfort and employees can explore more freely without limitation.

That’s all “Some Overview of the Future Workplace” information form us, hopefully this overview can open your mind about dream workplace in the future, so it can help you to be productive in your company.

At least when you want to build a design for the workplace, you get an idea of ​​what an ideal workplace needs in the future.

Thank You 🙂


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